Submissions to ASE

Guidelines about submission of articles for publication in ASE



Articles for publication in ASE are most welcome and may be submitted in these main areas:

–          Industry related articles – News, case studies, etc

–          Event Report – who did what at an event

–          Eventualities – articles about people – staff appointments, awards, tit-bits

–          Opinion – just don’t slander anyone.

–          Be objective – essentially we like case studies that are of interest to others in the industry

Keep in mind that ASE is a trade magazine and is aimed at people in the event industry so you need to tailor the article to that readership.

In writing about your event you should cover areas such as:

–          What was your brief and how did you approach and then fulfil that brief?

–          Funding and accountability

–          The challenges and the logistics of staging the event

–          Explain any activities or features unique to this event

–          And importantly supply a full list of credits – the key event personnel and suppliers

If you would like us to review your event please give us plenty of notice. Include details of date and time, venue, client, dress, your role and other event companies involved (eg main suppliers). Our review will be from an event production viewpoint



–          All articles must be submitted in Word format (.doc) and sent as an email attachment – PDFs are not accepted.

–          Photos must be sent as JPEG files (.jpg) and should have a maximum file size of 500 kb.

–          Email your articles and photos to



Copyright of all material remains with the author who provides a non-exclusive licence to Australasian Special Events for one time publication in the ASE website. Please note that the ASE magazine is archived on the website and through the National Library of Australia’s Pandora Project (



ASE will credit all materials published and will link to relevant entries in the ASE Directory. Links will also be provided from relevant Directory entries to published articles.

ASE policy is to provide links only to the ASE Directory or to the websites of not-for-profit organisations.



Any material from another source must be attributed. If requested, you must be able to substantiate and facts or quotes included in your article. Reference to all material (text and photos) submitted for publication in the magazine section of Australasian Special Events website – (ASE). ASE does not pay for articles submitted for publication but will fully credit all authors.



Please ensure your content is relevant to the ASE readership. ASE reserves the right to edit for clarity, space, etc


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