Ah, the youth of Australia. Tell them they can’t and of course they will.

The media told the fans that bans would apply to the Aussie flag at Big Day Out and the Mexican Wave at the cricket. However the flag… Read more »

Here we go again – How did a major disruptive event get to be held in Melbourne CBD

In 2000 protestors caused disruption to the leisurely pace of Melbourne when they blockaded Crown Casino, the venue for the World Economic Forum. Then in August last… Read more »

It’s a new soundsation!

Recently I had my first close quarters experience with a band using in-ear foldback, and it was very disconcerting. The band was playing a corporate event at… Read more »

Sydney on Sale and RSVP

The second Sydney RSVP has created quite a buzz, with people I’ve been talking to this week saying they are very busy just trying to get through… Read more »

Games fever in Melbourne?

Visited Melbourne this week and took in some of the Commonwealth Games preparations – here are some observations. The Opening Ceremony Andrew Walsh is the artistic director… Read more »

Thoughts of NOLA

It is now a week since Katrina ripped apart one of my favourite cities in the US.  I have only spent a week in New Orleans, but I… Read more »

SCEC loading dock a delight.

Did anyone else notice the attitudinal shift on the SCEC loading dock recently? After waiting in the queue to get into the dock it was such a… Read more »

RSVP arrives in Sydney

Sydney’s latest trade show premiered last week at Wharf 8.Anyone in the industry who is Sydney based could hardly have missed the PR blitz that proceeded RSVP.The… Read more »

Event Management courses – are they worth it?

Over the past decade we have seen an explosion in the number of event management courses available around Australia. This had led to many discussions within the… Read more »