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Chameleon Touring Systems

The Australian Event Awards deliver the Unexpected

The Australian Event Awards dinner is usually a pretty spectacular affair with lots of pizzazz and entertainment.  So this year guests were a bit underwhelmed when they… Read more »

Applications open for the David Grant Creativity Project

Applications have opened for the inaugural David Grant Creativity Project, a fellowship for young people in the Australian events industry, in memory of the legendary event producer… Read more »

Behind the scenes of the Australian Event Awards

As the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Peter Jones, put it at the Australian Event Awards ceremony on the Sunshine Coast, “Any industry is only as important… Read more »

Australian Event Awards Night of Nights

report by Trevor Connell Doltone House Darling Island Wharf proved to be an excellent venue for the 2014 Australian Event Awards. The room looked stunning, the food… Read more »

Australia Day events large and small

Across Australia event managers were pulling together events large and small for Australia Day. Here is a roundup of just a few with some comments from those… Read more »

The 2011 Australian Event Awards dinner

An invitation to an awards dinner at Allphones Arena (nee Acer, nee Sydney Superdome) conjures up images of the venue’s subterranean ballroom.  But it was not to… Read more »