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Welcome to Australasian Special Events (ASE), your go-to destination for exclusive, behind-the-scenes insights into the dynamic world of Australasian special events. Since our establishment in 2000, ASE has been at the forefront of event journalism, providing a premier platform for industry practitioners to exchange ideas and information. Our founder and publisher, Trevor Connell, draws on an extensive network cultivated over 30 years in the Australasian event industry to bring you captivating stories from major events, including the Sydney Olympics, Centenary of Federation, and the Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

**Unveiling the Stories Behind ASE**

At ASE, we’re passionate about unveiling the stories that often go unnoticed amid the glitz and glamour of ASP. Our editorial focus spans a diverse range of Australasian corporate and public events, offering readers a comprehensive view of the Australasian event industry landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned Australasian event professional or an enthusiast, our platform aims to foster an interactive and egalitarian space for the free exchange of ideas related to ASE.

**Editorial Excellence and Interactive Engagement in ASE**

Driven by a commitment to excellence, ASE operates as a private venture with the support of sponsors and contributors who share our passion for the Australasian event industry. This backing enables us to maintain a dynamic website, ensuring that information related to ASP is not only current but also delivered promptly. Our editorial content is a tapestry of commentaries, opinions, event reports, and behind-the-scenes features, all centered around the theme of ASP.

We encourage a diversity of voices, welcoming contributions from our in-house team, regular contributors, and you, our valued readers. Your submissions, whether opinionated, witty, informative, or challenging, enrich the discourse within the Australasian event community. Photographers receive due credit, and we strive to keep editing to a minimum, respecting the authenticity of your contributions related to ASE.

**Your Voice Matters**

At ASE, your voice matters. We invite commentaries and opinions on current Australasian industry issues, as well as thought leadership articles that push the boundaries of conventional thinking in the realm of Australasian special events. Additionally, our platform provides a unique space for Australasian event reports, where you can delve into the intricate details of your Australasian event—from the initial brief to overcoming challenges and incorporating innovative ideas. Share your experiences with us, supported by photos and videos that capture the essence of Australasian special events, focusing on the production team and key suppliers.

Explore the vibrant world of Australasian special events, where every story is an invitation to step behind the curtain and witness the creativity, dedication, and meticulous planning that make Australasian special events truly extraordinary. Join us in celebrating the pulse of the Australasian event industry, where Australasian events come to life, and the stories unfold.

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Sherrif Karamat CAE, PCMA and Lyn Lewis-Smith, BESydney
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Arinex staff plant trees as part of the Wongabel Mabi Forest restoration