Dizzy lights

Sometimes it can be quite hard for an ex lighting designer to watch a show.  I was quite impressed with the lighting rigs installed on the various stages at the National Folk Festival.  I was less impressed with the operation of the lights for a number of the shows. Some young operators seem to think that because they have movers at their disposal that they have to use them all the time when so often “less is more”. Punters come to watch the act – and some of these light shows that are not in keeping with the music are just plain distracting.

In a large arena show lighting plays a very important role as the performers are usually so had to see but this is not the case in a venue with only a few hundred punters.

I also find this constant movement annoying at corporate events and dinners.  The operator at the recent corporate function at Luna Park had a nice rotating gobo effect for walk-in but then insisted on keeping it going all through dinner – very distracting and causing a slightly dizzying effect.

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