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  1. David

    Should RSVP Melbourne be open to the public?
    Yes and no
    No because of the cost of exhibiting and because private parties normally have smaller budgets so you would attract many people with budgets in the hundreds as apposed to thousands of dollars.

    Bands would not work for hundreds of dollars and other entertainment would not as well.

    It could work but you’d have to sell more to cover the cost of exhibiting.

    Yes because there is a market for it, but then again the cost of exhibiting makes you need to charge the end client more than private parties would be willing to pay, They would blow their budget on the venue.

    I have writen an article below on the subject

    This article is the Trade show v’s Online directory argument in order
    to understand this, I will start with a parallel topic Online shops v’s
    brick and mortar shops

    The core of this article is based on the premise of Author John
    Naisbitt. with regards to his book Megatrends and a quote inside that

    In the Book (actually there have been a few Megatrends but the one I am referring to is the 1982 version) I will paraphrase a quote:

    In a world of High Tech- people will respond to
    high touch, the more people rely on technology to communicate and
    experience the world- the more they value human experiences


    end paraphrase


    But the reverse is also true

    The more people experience bad “high touch” experiences the more they turn to high tech alternatives.

    The big retailers are asking the question: Why are customers turning to online shops?
    easy comparing and easy & fast ordering potentially better prices,
    and normally lots of information on the product is a good reason, in our
    time poor environment.

    the other problem is the retail shops are providing poor human
    experience at the actual shops- poor customer service, poor product
    knowledge are everywhere, there is no positive human experience which
    cannot be beaten by the online shops, so why get disappointed with the
    retail experience when you can get a less personal but no negativity
    buying online.

    Humans are – well …alive and we want to be treated nicely, we want to
    feel special, as a result when we don’t experience that special feeling
    when we are in contact with other humans we go to the alternative-
    ——online with no human experience.


    It comes down to expectations

    Peoples expectations of shopping in a real shop are high, we want to
    be made special, we want great knowledge of products and we want great
    service, Our expectation of online are not as high because chances are
    we are dealing with a web script as apposed to a human and we know it.

    The online business will continue to grow, especially for daily
    goods, specialized goods can still have great businesses in real shops
    if their is a demand for their products/services
    Real shops will however continue to decline if the human experience continues to diminish.


    What has this got to do with Trade show exhibiting?

    There has been articles on the decline of the exhibition industry and
    the rise of the online directory, and as a Marketing expert in Trade
    shows I have seen it- It is due to exhibitors not putting an experience
    on at their stands.

    In many many cases the experience of exhibiting is a negative
    experience for the company because they man their staff with new sales
    reps who don’t have good product knowledge, who are keen to have a day
    off work, and they act like it at the stand. The human experience is
    nil, and it has a negative experience with the customer- it’s better to
    be listed in an online directory where you can hide poor customer
    service replace it with big classy photos and video demo’s.

    One other problem is that people set their trade show stands up like
    it’s a website- Visual, color, banners and signage but no human
    connection, or rather a poor negative human experience.

    The rule is If it does not add, it subtracts, there is no middle or
    neutral, so if your stand experience is not positive it will be
    negative, this does form the core benefit of trade show infotainment, it
    is the human experience that is what attracts visitors who are starved
    of that human to human experience not just at the trade show but in life
    in general.

    Understanding not just your target market but the trade show visitor in general
    This article is not about getting people to come into the exhibition
    itself, but more on getting people into your stand, in General 70% of
    visitors know who they want to see before thy walk in, so if your not
    one of those suppliers on the list, your in an uphill battle to start

    The visitor has probably been in a seminar for 1 hour which has been a
    boring as hell powerpoint presentation, they are walking around a trade
    show which has cement floors and the carpet is carboard thin so their
    feet are hurting which forms the foundation for the rest of their body.

    In my studies of Memory, we as humans are bombarded with over 1500
    forms of advertising a day- more when we go to a trade show, we don’t
    have systems set up to take in more information- we develop systems to
    cut through and cut out the noise of information so by the time the
    visotr has walked into the seminar, gone to the cafe for a coffee they
    have been bombarded with information and they are in cut out mode, their
    feet hurt, they have a list of stands to see and are time poor.

    With this negative mindset:

    It’s hard to get their attentionTheir mind is not receptive to more informationanything that blends in with other exhibitors will be glossed over.

    Will trade shows die?I was considering advertising in the qantas magazine and one of the angles was Trade shows are not been killed off by online directories, face to face will always kill over screen to screen, if they don’t belive me- then what are they doing on a plane? when they could call up or skype or video conference. no, they are visiting face to face.

    Trade shows will die if the exhibitors do not put on an engaging experience at the stand, I am surprised that many of the organisers DON’T put on pre event training seminars anymore.

    A Big problem however is that organisers are doing anything to get visitors into the expo- as an exhibitor I don’t want visitors in the expo- I want them at my stand or at least walking past my stand, Trade shows with back to back seminars bring people into the expo- but not to the stands which is why exhibitions who have back to back seminars will fail, why exhibit if you only have 2 hours of each day to conduct business and the rest of the time your waiting for the food breaks.

    Responsibility is on the Exhibitors to create an engaging level, organisers also need to take responisbility in educating exhibitors and giving exhibitors a fair go as apposed to getting them to exhibit and then putting back to back seminars on

    Will Melbourne Event showcase be back?I think so, there is a market for it- maby it’s held once every 2 years- I don’t know, but whatever the new format- your exhibitors need to know how to put on an experience and you can’t have back to back seminars which is just wasting exhibitors time and money. Organisers need to know the difference between getting people in the door and getting people to walk around the expo.

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