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Since 2000 ASE  publisher Trevor Connell has drawn on his extensive range of contacts, from more than 30 years in the event industry, to get the behind the scenes stories of the big events including the Sydney Olympics, Centenary of Federation and the Melbourne Commonwealth Games. These big events are included along with many other corporate and public events.


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The ASE Editorial Policy

Our primary intention is to provide a forum for the industry. A place where practitioners in the industry can exchange ideas and information. We believe that a site such as this provides an egalitarian platform for the free exchange of ideas. Unlike print, the net also enables this exchange to take place in a very interactive manner, which is not restricted by publishing deadlines.

By operating as a private venture we can, with the support of sponsors and supporters, pay staff to maintain the website, thus ensuring that information is kept up to date and posted quickly. Our content divides into two main streams. First, comment and opinion. Second, event reports and behind the scenes of events.

The editorial content may be written by us, by our regular contributors, or by you, our readers. We expect this content to be opinionated, witty, informative, challenging and, hopefully, accurate.  We will endeavour to credit all contributors, including photographers. We may, mainly for space or legal reasons, edit submitted articles as necessary, but will keep this to a minimum. We will provide links to useful and relevant sites. Links to commercial sites will be made at the discretion of the publisher.

Editorial submissions

Submitted articles fall into the two main criteria. First, comment and opinion. Second, event reports and behind the scenes of events.

Comment and opinion – we welcome and encourage your views on current industry issues. Also thought leadership articles.

Event reports – essentially a BTS look at your event. Start with the brief from your client and then how you addressed and delivered that brief. Talk about the challenges and any new ideas you incorporated. Provide photos and videos that show the event (not the celebs who attended). Provide a credits list that includes key production personnel (designers, event managers, etc) and the key suppliers (technical, catering, event hire, etc)

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  • Advancing Women in Business Events study released by BESydney
    May 10, 2024

    Business Events Sydney and the PCMA Foundation released a study on female advancement in the business events industry, noting the significant gender disparity in leadership roles. The biennial report, first shared at Convening Leaders 2024, identifies barriers to women's progress at personal, organizational, and societal levels. Recommendations include enhancing negotiation skills, implementing inclusive leadership development, and establishing mentorship programs. Leaders advocate for immediate action towards gender equity, emphasizing its necessity for the industry’s future success.

  • Arinex announces acquisition of New Zealand-based Business Events Agency, Auaha
    May 9, 2024

    Arinex, an Australasian event management leader, has enhanced its presence in the New Zealand market by acquiring Auaha, a reputable business events agency and BEIA Approved PCO. This acquisition, reflecting a strategic expansion within the MICE industry, combines their strengths to offer expanded solutions and drive innovation. CEO Nicole Walker and Auaha’s Sandra Julian both emphasize the enhanced value and growth opportunities this partnership will foster, ensuring continuity in client services and cultural integrity.

  • Vale Ignatius Jones
    May 8, 2024

    Ignatius Jones, renowned event producer and artistic director, notably for the Sydney Olympic Games, has passed away in the Philippines after a short illness. Celebrated for his vibrant career, he contributed significantly to the arts in Australia and internationally, earning an Order of Australia for his achievements. His extensive career also included directing major global events and leading various entertainment groups. Jones's legacy as a dynamic force in the cultural world leaves a lasting impact.

  • Te Pae Christchurch celebrates two event-filled years
    May 8, 2024

    Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre has significantly surpassed expectations since its opening on May 2, 2022, hosting 458 events with over 200,000 attendees in two years. With a variety of events including international conferences and local gatherings, it has boosted local economy and tourism, especially in off-peak periods. The center enters its third year with a promising schedule, underlining its vital role in revitalizing central Christchurch and promoting local and international business interactions.

  • Association Forum wraps up successful National Conference in Canberra
    May 8, 2024

    The Associations Forum National Conference, held at the Canberra National Convention Centre from April 30 to May 1, celebrated its 20th anniversary. Over 400 industry leaders and professionals attended, exploring future trends in associations. Keynotes addressed economic challenges, while Independent Senator David Pocock discussed small business support. Celebrations included a dinner at Old Parliament House.

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