Submissions to ASE

Submissions to ASE

ASE is always looking for the latest news, innovation and expert opinion in Australia’s events industry. Got something you think the events industry needs to hear? Read on to find out what we accept and how to submit it.

All submissions should be sent to editor(at)

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There are three main types of content we accept:


We encourage submission of news stories which are of genuine, constructive interest to the events industry as a whole.

Anything which is purely self-congratulatory or demonstrating that your business is, well, simply doing business* will not be published. Bid wins and product launches will only be published if they are strategically important to the industry at large.

Genuine success stories in the events industry which go above and beyond ordinary day-to-day business will be considered as will submissions outlining true innovation in the industry, valuable industry partnerships and collaborations and significant personnel appointments. In short, we are looking for stories which demonstrate forward movement in the industry. Ultimately, it will be at the discretion of the ASE editorial team as to what gets published.

Stories should be submitted in Word (or Word compatible documents) along with at least one separate JPEG image file (please do not include images in the Word document). Landscape images are preferable and should be at least 1200px wide.

*If you are keen on promoting this kind of news, we recommend signing up for a business or premium directory listing, in which case we will help you to develop newsworthy stories (which will be linked to your listing and vice-versa).


We’re looking for analysis of your latest projects which go beyond a “this is what happened” highlights package. We want to know how you made it happen. We have found that these articles are the most read on the site. To guide you in putting together a newsworthy and relevant-to-the-industry event report, we recommend framing your story around the answers to most, if not all, of the following questions:

  • What was your brief and how did you approach and fulfil it?
  • Who funded the event and who were the stakeholders?
    E.g. sponsors, clients
  • What were the challenges you faced in planning and executing the event? How did you overcome them?
    These could range from funding/budget challenges, logistical challenges of a location or the size/scale of the event, weather issues, stakeholder challenges (without throwing anyone under a bus) or any other unexpected challenges that arose during the project.
  • What unique elements and innovations were piloted or incorporated into the event?
    In other words, why should we be putting a spotlight on your event? What made it different?
  • Were there any unexpected (or expected) positive legacies or outcomes of the event? Did it make an impact beyond the bounds of the event itself?
    E.g. raising awareness or funds, contributing to the knowledge economy or the actual economy, positive impacts on regional destinations etc.

Please also include a full list of credits of the companies and suppliers which contributed their expertise to the event.

The text of the submission should be attached as a Word document (or Word compatible) – no PDFs please.

Include at least two images (and up to 20 if you like), preferably landscape and at least 1200px wide. Images should be supplied as JPEGs. Please attach them as separate files – do not submit them as part of a Word document. Dropbox or other file sharing links are fine, as long as we don’t have to log into anything to get to them.


We are looking to lead discussion on important issues for Australia’s events industry – both current challenges and ways we can grow as an industry and as a profession.

If you have something meaningful to contribute to public discourse in the events industry, we are keen to receive your submission. We are looking for submissions of (generally speaking) approximately 500-700 words which bring new ideas or a twist on current thinking to the fore or which provide expert opinion in a particular area.

Please submit the piece in Word (or Word compatible) and include a separate JPEG image file (preferably landscape, at least 1200px wide) of the author as well as his or her credentials as an authority on the topic discussed.


We are keen to publish profiles providing a look under the hood of the minds of those supplying Australia’s best events. These pieces should ideally be a serious, informal, humorous and, of course, insightful exploration of a person helping to shape and guide our industry. The ASE editors can provide a list of questions on which to base a Q and A or profile on. We also accept suggestions for industry people worth profiling.


Alongside submissions in all of the above areas (and assistance developing content ideas where necessary), brands with Business or Premium listings in the ASE Directory have additional flexible opportunities to highlight their values and demonstrate the potential of their products and services.

Content includes:

Product and service explorers and explainers: 250-500 word articles showing how to maximise a particular product or service. These pieces could look at how to choose or use a product for maximum effect or what kinds of applications a particular service could be used for. These articles must contain clear takeaways for potential clients. ASE editorial staff will work with businesses to help tweak these stories to ensure maximum benefit for both brand and reader. The editorial team are also available to discuss ideas to kick start the submission process.

Company insights: 250-500 word articles exploring a brand’s values and the way in which it engages with clients, using previous work as examples of capabilities and philosophies.

Any other interesting way to represent your brand and contribute something worthwhile to the event industry psyche – we’re open to hearing your ideas.

All of these pieces should be submitted to your personal editorial contact at ASE. Article text should be submitted as a Word (or Word compatible) document and each article should be accompanied by at least one image, preferably landscape and at least 1200px wide. Images must be submitted as separate JPEG files – do not include them in the text of your document.


Copyright of all material remains with the author who provides a non-exclusive licence to Australasian Special Events for publication on the ASE website. To submit news and photographs to ASE you must have the required permission to allow us to publish the content. Please note that the ASE site is archived on the website and through the National Library of Australia’s Pandora Project (


ASE will credit all materials published and will link to relevant entries in the ASE Directory. Links will also be provided from relevant Directory entries to published articles.

ASE policy is to provide links to businesses in the ASE Directory only. We only provide direct external links to the websites of not-for-profit organisations.


Any material from another source must be attributed. If requested, you must be able to substantiate any facts or quotes included in your article. ASE does not pay for articles submitted for publication but will fully credit all authors and photographers.


Please ensure your content is relevant to the ASE readership. ASE reserves the right to edit for clarity, space, etc.