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  1. Russell Bennett
    Russell Bennett

    As hotels and venues have started to realize the money they can make on audio visual equipment hire without a single dollar spent on AV investment they have started to become excessively greedy. Many AV Hire & Staging companies will rightly argue that the current situation has restricted the growth on the AV Industry with the restrictions in place – and the greed continues, venues recieve up to 30% commissions from AV suppliers on equipment and quiet often labour.

    In relation to TOD fees unfortunately as highlighted above some AV companies have worked in many of these venues for years without any problems and have an intimate knowledge of the venue and suddenly find they have to pay TOD fees and the in-house supplier is alo then having to supply a skilled technician at a low rate to the venue, so once again the venue can make a sizable profit on the recharge. For the inhouse supplier it just doesn’t make sense to have a skilled technician baby sitting a venue when they badly need that skilled technician on other events where they have their stock at least on hire.

    Then you have the venues charging the non in-house AV Company to use the loading docks, lifts etc yet they don’t charge any other supplier such as bands, DJ’s, plant hire companies etc for use of the same – this is a charge they level directly at the non in-house AV supplier direct and not the venue hirer – bit rich when the contract for the venue hire is with the client and not the non in-house AV supplier.

    AV Hire and Staging Companies have arguably one of the largest investments in stock and assets of any part of the Events Industry and are the ones who support and sponsor every major industry event but where are the industry associations on the subject of TOD’s and commissions.

    I also never see a declaration in any AV or venue contracts advising of the commission arrangements in place between the two parties – which in itself I believe to be illegal.

    August 2, 2011 at 11:15 pm Reply

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