1. Richard

    I think the event awards are highly overrated, I realise your a sponsor but I do not belive the rules of judging the awards has been done fairy or corretly
    according to the rules for the competition
    The degree to which the entertainment enhances the event(s) at which it is presented 70%
    The degree to which the entertainment is innovative 30%

    The leading men for example while great singers are essentially a coverband- singing other peoples songs are they truly innovative?

    Judges were allowed a wild card entry, which is obviously not based on the mathematical scoring- but on personal experience which is bias, this cannot be anything but bias, something that the organisers wish to avoid.

    and finally
    In most cases, the subject of entries in the Achievement Categories must relate to an achievement at a specific event. For example, the “Best Achievement in Catering” award is designed to reward a particular achievement at a particular event (or events) that took place during the entry period and is not simply an award for providing good catering generally. Exceptions to this rule are the Best Venue and Best Product or Service and Best Education or Training Program categories.

    I am sorry that while The leading men are good- the rules state that they don’t become a finalist for being good- but rather for something special they did at a single event- they are a really really good coverband- but they are a coverband

    the other acts
    The quick change artists are not innovating http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-p40L8amjjA there are many quick change artists out there

    It’s been done before, are they good? yes are they entertaining? yes are they innovative- no sorry

    so out of 4 finalists you have 2 real finalists

    Brad blaze who has innovated something from the 1980″s by earning money for the events he works at, and mr perceival who learned how he does what he does from some US guy

    however as far an innovation being 30% of the judging process I really don’t see anything in the acts themselves as innovative

    September 26, 2011 at 5:26 pm Reply
    1. Richard

      Mr Percival was inspired by a looping bass guitar and uses it for his voice as apposed to the above statement of learning from a US guy.

      September 26, 2011 at 9:25 pm Reply
  2. Richard

    according to the organisers of the events awards

    It should be noted that the wild card rules allow the judges the opportunity to ADD (but never remove) one finalist to the list of top-scoring entries and it is designed as a way to ensure that a common sense, personal review of the entries can be conducted outside of the mathematical ‘scored’ approach. The judging process is available on the website for all entrants to consider before they make the decision to enter.

    now wait a second outside the Mathematical equation- this means that if a judge has already witnessed the entertainment, they would have a stonger pull for wild card entry, where as an entertainer who had not been booked by the judge has a weaker chance thats not fair,

    Also entertainers would get a mark out of 7. now how does this relate to the 70%/30% split in criteria? what is 30% of 7??????

    Also in the FAQ page
    The Awards recognise industry best practice and innovation wherever it may occur. Having entertainers who copy USA based entertainers and bring it over here to event organisers who are not aware of the USA originals does not mean it is innovative and stealing other peoples concepts should not be rewarded

    these awards are an insult to the real innovative entertainers and services out there

    September 26, 2011 at 7:39 pm Reply
  3. David Welzman
    David Welzman

    Well out of the finalists for Entertainment I believe that Brad Blaze is easily the winner
    500K for charities for the year
    and innovating the speed painting art to include the auction of the painting
    and creating illusions that burn away the painting to reveal the message or the logo, the other acts don’t have anything on this guy

    September 27, 2011 at 11:24 pm Reply

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