Some people (like me) have no coding expertise, so we rely on finding someone to add design and functionality to our basic WP design.
I comissioned Jai (the owner of to develop a theme and functionality for me.  I sent through a full description of what I wanted and Jai quoted me a budget to design it for me.
I agreed to that budget, paid a deposit and received a preview of the look (no indication of functionality) I agreed to this and was assured by Jai that the functionality would be included.
I paid the rest of the fee and a short time later received the theme.  I installed it and discoverd that most of the functionality I asked for was not included.
That was on 3rd June 2010.  Since then I have sent Jai many emails requesting the completion of the job he agreed to – he responded on the 16th and 30th June with very minor tweaks.
Despite many emails since he has refused to communicate with me – this guy is a disgrace to the WP community

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