Darcy’s Quest at the 2013 Sydney Royal Easter Show

In a shift from previous years the RAS went for a fully produced main Arena show for 2013.

Di Henry was approached to put this production together and she generously sat down to discuss the process and logistics with ASE


Main Arena Entertainment Production Crew

Di Henry – Creative Director

David Grant – Co-Producer

Anthony Bastic – Co-Producer

Lynelle Smith – Entertainment Manager – RAS

Lyn Bullock – Entertainment Co-Ordinator

Arthur Carruthers – Entertainment Production Manager

Jason Dwyer – Screen Director

Nick Wishart – Musical Director

Giles Westley – Art Director

Paul Collison – Audio Engineer

Ashley Gavenlock – Screen Operator

Leah Howard – Choreographer

Leanne Cherny – Choreographer

Janet Hine – Costume Designer

Bianca Faye – Costume Supervisor

Josh Hyman – Showcaller

Farlie Goodwin – Stage Manager – Performance

Deon Ellison – Stage Manager – Mechanical

Scott Sullivan – Stage Manager – Rigging

Dean Merchant – Stage Manager – Technical & Scenic Artist

Danny Johnson – Stage Manager – Production Crew

Mark Keighran – Stage Manager – Production Crew

Harry Keighran – Stage Manager – Production Crew

Jimmy Mountain – Stage Manager – Production Crew

Alan Doctor – Transport

Trevor Beck – Sound

Raoul Plimer – Systems Engineer

Sean Westwood – Senior Systems Engineer

Dave Wright – Microphone Wrangler

Andrew Tatri – Risk Manager

Wendy Taplin – Costume Assistant

Chantal Rodriguez – 13th Puppetter

Remi Rodriquez – Navigator

Mitch Owers & Glenda Benton – Flash Mob – Media Call

John Stanton – Narrator


Sydney Cranes – cranes

EFM Management Australia Pty Ltd – Shipping Agent

La Fura Dels Baus – Large Puppets

Arcadia – Performer

Howard & Sons – Fireworks

Jack Ellison – Box Kite quads

EMT Events – Monster Trucks

Gary Reid – Bikes

Heath Harris – Live Horses

Jack Field – 4 x Quad Bike Riders




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