EEAA tests the ICC Sydney with their conference and awards

Appropriately the Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia conference and awards was chosen by the ICC Sydney as a test event prior to opening.

Members of the EEAA are among those who will be most involved in events being held in the new venue.

ASE went along to find out just what these conference delegates thought of the new venue.

First up Joyce DeMisacio CEO of the EEAA


Penny Lion heads up the Business Events division of Tourism Australia


Rodd Craig from Australian Maritime Defence Association who hold one of the biggest defence expos in Australia


Robert Moore of Agility Fairs and Events who run some of Australasia’s biggest expos


Rodney Cox is looking forward to bringing the International Gas Union conference to the ICC


Jim Delahunty is the chairman of ExpoNet and they will be installing the first major expo in the ICC


Tegan Burford and Mark Magnennis from Decorative Events and Exhibitions are looking forward to designing stands and room decorations for the new venues.


Tony Panetta is the Executive Chef at ICC Sydney and he looking forward to creating some great food in the largest kitchen in Australia


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