How do they get away with it?

I hate booking furniture for expos!

I’ve just completed a booking where the cost of the furniture looked like it would be $329.  Well it isn’t actually.  There are addons –  for “cartage & placement, damage waiver and then GST”  bringing the total to $456 which is around 50% more than the stated price – now none of these items are negotiable nor are they avoidable so why don’t they just quote the price as $456 to start with.

To me this is a decietful way of operating – I have no problem with the final cost, but why can’t they be upfront with it?  It seems that all the expo hire companies follow suit.

Qantas used to pull a similar stunt where you would look at a fare then when you got to your booking you found other costs were added before you got your final figure.  In the end customer dissatisfaction forced them to change this practice – it must be time for our industry to tell the expo companies the same thing.

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  1. Dave Deveny
    Dave Deveny

    The problem is with the clients not the hirers, although the hirers now continue it. Our industry has been kicking the shit out of itself as we undercut each other to win jobs. Producers do it, manufacturers do it, and hirers do it.

    We do it because our clients [who are very rich by the wat] continue to push budgets down and expect more. We accept this because we ourselves are not comfortable explaining our own worth.

    The hire industry has had it worst for years as its products have become completely comoditised.

    So what happens is that a suppliers costs go up and they need to look for more creative ways of splitting up their revenue. Just like airlines, mechanics and almost everyother high competition industr. Its not just us.

    I don’t work in hire anymore but I still see the effects every day.

    It’s time for us to act. The only thing that comes from this kind of action is that the corporates get richer and good companies go to the wall as they supply below cots to get jobs.

    Lets start charging a fair price for a fair job… I’m not against competition or bidding procsses, but a lot of these issues come from customers that use our “special relationship” to squeeze us just a little more.

    I may be babbling but somewhere in there is a real problem. Anyone else got a solution?

    August 17, 2010 at 10:33 pm Reply

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