Info Salons launches website to connect exhibition communities

When Info Salons started in business, there was no worldwide web. Twenty-one years later – and as part of its year-long birthday celebration – Info Salons is launching a new website that will connect exhibition communities with content that adds value to their trade show experience.

With the new website comes a brand refresh. Now at 21 and all grown up, with companies dotted across the globe, The Info Salons Group is evolving its message: Connect Content Communities.

At visitors to the site will be able to gain access to much more than registration services.

“Our intention is to work with our exhibition clients to add as much value as possible to our relationship. Our website will be a central tool for connecting dynamic content from their events to their target audiences,” said Jo-Anne Kelleway, CEO, The Info Salons Group.

“Because we provide services for more than 500 shows a year, we have tens of thousands of hits on our website from potential visitors wanting to register for shows, and also from exhibitors.

“This presents us with a tremendous opportunity to connect the exhibition community with each other, and thereby enhance their exhibition experience with information and interaction on a global level.”

Designed by exhibition web developer ASP Events, highlights of the website include:

  • The Info Salons Global Index featuring revolving client video footage with highlights from cutting-edge, leading shows around the world
  • Educational white papers to assist exhibition participants better understand and learn from industry peers and experts
  • Regular blog posts from high profile industry identities: Graeme Selby, Chairman, Diversified Exhibition Australia; Margaret Pederson, former chair of IAEE and CEO, Amirexx; and Stephanie Selesnick, President, International Trade Information

“Our aim is to become much more than just a provider of services, but a connection point for those involved in participating in exhibitions. We will provide content in all languages and build our links to an extended audience through a variety of online social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.”

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