New stadium a boost for major events in the West

The proposed new stadium will allow Perth to host major national and international sporting and cultural events, attracting tourists from home and abroad, according to peak national body, Tourism & Transport Forum (TTF).

TTF Chief Executive John Lee said this investment will deliver long?term benefits for Western Australia.

“A multi?purpose stadium will enable Perth to host major sporting events and give the city a new entertainment facility,” Mr Lee said.

“Sporting and entertainment events are key drivers of tourism, attracting visitors who stay in hotels, eat in restaurants, and visit other attractions.

“They provide a catalyst for people to plan a trip and build their itinerary around a concert or a major sporting contest.

“Locating this development in the Burswood precinct leverages existing entertainment assets like the casino and the Burswood Dome, creating an integrated entertainment precinct to rival anything around Australia.

“This investment comes on top of the budget commitment of $5 million to attract major events and demonstrates the Barnett government’s understanding of the economic value of tourism and events to Western Australia.”

Mr Lee said the plans must ensure the precinct has the capacity to deal with the large crowds the venue will attract.

“It’s vital that transport and road upgrades accompany this development to give patrons appropriate access,” Mr Lee said.

“The right infrastructure is needed not only to move a stadium full of people in and out, but also to accommodate the needs of other visitors to the site.”

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