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    As a “loyal” employee of 4 years (without leaving then comming back) i am astounded by your oversight of some very basic issues. Staff are leaving staging connections. They are going to competitors, and they are taking their hatred of the company with them. I was once told by a senior “staging connections is mocked in the industry due to our tardy roadcase management” on a setup. I personally think it could be the fact that all the other companies setting up that day were wearing boots, shorts, singlets, and a hardhat, whilst staging showed up in 38 degree heat in collar and cuffs, long pants, all black, and had to loan hardhats off another company. Staging connections isnt winning back business, we’re receiving it back from companies like Jack Moreton Intl like a handout, giving them a stronger market position. Almost every PCO has at least one terrible experience story with staging connections. but what can you expect from a company that operates on an average crew age of 24 with average experience of between none and 3 years.

    February 9, 2007 at 8:13 am Reply

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