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  1. David Welzman
    David Welzman

    Yes too many students on the first day with students registering as actual event organisers. As an exhibitor- there is no reason why any student should be at the expo- Their is MEA and ises if they want to learn, but as far as paying thousands to have an exhibit and have students surround you at the expense of real visitors approaching you there is no point in hell as to why students should be in the exhibition other than the fact that organisers can boast about visitor numbers despite the fact that I would say the so called 800 people lining up to enter the expo were 500 students.

    I lost the bulk of my chocolate giveaways- my other giveaways and my expensive brochures were essentially stolen by non customers, the first day was an absolute waste of my time being at the expo with 1 lead only, the rest were students making up false events for an assignment.

    my favorite memory is the 17 year old girl with an event coming up in September at luna park as the “launch” of her event management company I gave a fake quote (I essentially tippled the quote )to see what her reaction would be and she didn’t even blink she said great she will be in touch- of course her business cards were “Just being printed up” and she didn’t want to give info because she was in a hurry depsite the fact she spent 10 minutes asking 101 questions this kind of thing happened all day on day 1.I actually lost money due to my giveaways, brochures and lollies being taken to the point where I put them all away. There is alot of misinformation about the expo with companies simply repeating the PR statement given out without any real journalism- I really enjoyed reading this post it was spot on. a very disappointed exhibitor

    September 26, 2011 at 4:08 pm Reply

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